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Upstate Snakes originally started as a possible alternative name, (and logo) for the now defunct Rabbit & Redtree, a graphics/illustration collective created by Jason Rooney, Josh Nusbaum and myself in 2001. The three of us were amoung a fairly large crew of creative transplants who all ended up migrating from upstate New York to New York City in the early '90s. We used to joke that we were like a gang (hence the cool guy/gal "snakes" part.) Since then its become more of a family. We are designers, film makers, artists, musicians, skateboarders, toy inventors, campers, hikers, food lovers and everyday people who just happen to love the great state of New York, regardless of where we're from. You in?

Black ink on either white, or heather gray T-shirt.

Designed by Rabbit & Redtree.

Screen printed by yours truly in Brooklyn.